The Randy Dandy Cast

Mimi Le Yu

Mimi Le Yu
Mimi Le Yu, St. Louis’ Funny Girl, cut her burlesque teeth with the STL Alley Cats and has been chewing the scenery ever since. She promises a night filled with laughs, booze, and debauchery, and twirling to the music, Mimi doesn’t disappoint! In 2011, She was named Best Burlesque Act in by the Riverfront Times. She also pulled together the Randy Dandies, a sketch-driven troupe of comedians, burlesque performers and entertainers shimmying across St. Louis. Wherever you catch Mimi, if you see fireworks after one of her performances, rest assured it’s no coincidence. Puttin’ the ass back in class, Miss Mimi Le Yu!

Jack Deuce

Jack Deuce’s rise to St. Louis infamy began a few years back with a heap of Atlantic City gambling debt.In order to keep his kneecaps and to take advantage of the burgeoning casino scene, he made a move to St. Louis where he discovered his second love, burlesque. “I’d been goin’ t’shows for years. I guess I figured it was time for me t’get in on the action. Plus they know my face at Harrah’s now.” Jack has been working as a professional host in the St. Louis burlesque/variety scene ever since, as well as host and writer of the Randy Dandies. He manages his gambling addiction with barbiturates.


Roxy Red Rockets

Roxy Red Rockets is out of this world. She hails from Planet XXX and comes from a superior race of Space-Vixens who communicate entirely through seductive forces.Yielding her sexy superiority, she joined the Alley Cats Burlesque Revue, the original burlesque troupe in St. Louis. The Force was with her as she soon dominated the scene with her epic acts of comedy storytelling, poi juggling, and seduction. Audiences have gravitated towards her bold style of burlesque making her a household name in the St. Louis Burlesque Scene. After joining forces with the Dandies as a founding member, she has been in hot pursuit of burlesque supremacy and world domination. Your will power is no match for this celestial hot rod.


Little Bo Peepshow

Little Bo Peepshow is a fresh face beauty on the St. Louis burlesque scene.She may seem sweet and demure, but this lovely lamb has panache for the darker side of life. Disserting her flock for the bright lights of the stage, Little Bo engages audiences with her big doe eyes, her mischievous smile, and the promise of a peep at her lamb chops. Cheer for her wildly and she may fold you into her flock.




Tally Wacker

Tally Wacker is a little tart with eyes & thighs that mesmerize and a mouth that will make you blush!  Tally may be pint-size, but don’t let that fool you! She’s obnoxious, brass and gutter-minded in all the right ways…and the right girl for the job. The Dandies picked her up in a South-town gutter and put her to work as the pick-up artist powerhouse! With her sexy stare, a perky pair and irreverent wit, Wacker packs a punch sure to leave you wanting more.


Pinny Yearned

pinnyPinny may be a newbie to burlesque but she is no stranger to attention. She’s been shined, minted, saved, and spent long before The Randy Dandies snatched her up. Her and Mimi go way back… to a land full of winged creatures. Since those angelic days, Pinny dropped the nice-girl act and traded it in for a dirty, humorous, strip-tease act and the rest is glittery history. Pinny will tease, shake, and grind all while makin’ ‘em laugh. Lucky for you folks, this Pinny can’t be saved ;)


Footlong Frank

Footlong Frank The climb to stardom had come crashing to a halt for former child actor Footlong Frank. Having metaphorically and literally outgrown the role of spunky youth, Footlong looked to the masked wrestling ring as a platform to stage “The Comeback of the Century”. After winning the Championship belt as Universe Man, the world appeared to once again be Footlong’s oyster. Unfortunately, in what would be Footlong’s last match due to contract complications, a most heinous betrayal left Footlong Frank jobless, hopeless, and worst of all beltless. Taking pity upon Footlong Frank, The Randy Dandies did what any good nature group of funny folk would. They trained the ape and used him in their shows.